About Me

My name is Meghan. I’m just a 21 year old Canadian girl doing the best I can to get out of debt and stay there. I’m currently in college working towards an Accounting diploma, after which I’ll begin a Bachelors of Commerce degree. Eventually I want to be a CGA.

Disclaimer: Although I work in business finance in the real world, I am not a certified financial planner and any insight I give may not necessarily be right for your situation. Anything I post is strictly taken from my own experiences. Please don’t take any of my personal methods into consideration without first speaking to a financial planner or accountant.

Music I love: The Beatles, Rise Against, Death Cab for Cutie, Adele, Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, The Clash, The Sex Pistols,The Ramones, Nirvana, The Foo Fighters, Eminem, Classified, Drake, Green Day, Rush, Aerosmith, Miranda Lambert.

Artists I’ve seen live: Rise Against (twice), Rush, Fall Out Boy, Rush, Nickelback, A Perfect Circle, Hedley, Classified, Karl Wolf, Marianas Trench, Rancid, Needtobreathe, Taylor Swift.

Movies I love: Casablanca, Pulp Fiction, Gone With the Wind, True Romance, Inglourious Bastards (can you tell I love Tarantino yet?), The Young Victoria.